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Sell Coin & Old Currency

It might seem odd, but you can get paid cash for your old cash and coin. Beyond their historic value, the history embodied in each artifact and currency is priceless. We make sure to learn that history and the sentiment behind each item and pay handsomely for each item. You won't find better pricing anywhere -- we guarantee!

Coin We Accept:

  • U.S. Silver Coins (1964 & Before)

  • Silver Dollars

  • Proof Sets & Mint Sets

  • 1965-1969 Kennedy Half Dollars

  • .999 Silver Bullion

  • Gold Coins

  • Old Foreign Coins & Currency

  • Indian Head Pennies

  • Old Currency

  • Paper Money (1929 & Before)

  • National Currency

  • Bank Notes

  • Federal Reserve Notes

  • Silver Certificates

  • Fractional Currency

  • Confederate Currency

  • and more

Old moneys and coins through a magnifyin

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